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Subject: [TowerTalk] computer rfi
From: (Joe Shuey NE3H)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 19:43:40 -0400
Scott Bullock wrote:
> Hi esteeemed towertalkians, This is a follow-up to a previous posting
> today..... Well, I got itchy tonite after picking up some emi/rfi paint
> ($19.00 per can), I took my monitor apart-it was already coated with some
> emi paint-even measured the resistance-right up to spec-7 ohms per inch, I
> recoated it completely anyways, as the can I got said multiple coats were
> more effective.
> For anyone that is contemplating doing this, make sure you take it OUTSIDE
> before you paint it!  This stuff has Methyl Ethyl Ketone in it-serious
> stuff-also good buzz for those of you that like to sniff the stuff-IT'S 
> At the same time, I took the monitor video extension cable off, I found that
> the interference would come and go when it was unplugged from the pc, even
> if the monitor wasn't connected! I cut the extension in two pieces, slid on
> a full length of rg-8 shield and two MAMBO beads, resoldered it together,
> heatshrinked, etc, and plugged it all back in-grounded the new shield to the
> pc case, and also connected other end of the extension with short solid wire
> to the metal monitor video connector. Voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more 
> interference!
> One of the worst frequencies for receiving the crap was believe it or not
> 14.195.0   It is now completely quiet!  Also powered up the SB200 and ran
> full key down on each antenna-no herringbone/squigglies at all! Maybe this
> monitor won't go kablooie like the last one did from rf!
> For those of you that have this problem, give this a shot, it only took me
> about 1.5 hours even playing with different grounds before I hacked up the
> cable to install the shield. Definitely worth the time, maybe now I will be
> able to hear the next DXpedition better on that frequency.
> Also fyi, the monitor is 1.5 feet above the ts-930, and the cable runs down
> through the bench directly behind the amplifier output, and the computer is
> below the radio by abt 1 foot. I would think this is a worst case scenario
> for any monitor/computer!
> 73 to all, hope this was a help to those that needed it, email me direct if
> you have any questions.
> Scott
> P.S. the smell of the emi paint is enough to scare the birds and the moles
> away for good!  :)
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