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[TowerTalk] Insulating Guy Wires

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Insulating Guy Wires
From: (Bill Jackson)
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 22:07:17 +0100
Fellow Towertalkers:

I'm looking for information on suggested lengths to break up the guy wires
on an 80 ft tower. I am interested in minimizing the interaction for both
the KT34XA and 402-CD on top of the tower as well as for future use of the
tower for some type of 80 meter wire array.  What is a good practical
length for each insulated section?  The upper set of guys will be
approximately 95 ft long, the lower 73 ft long.  I am also considering the
use of Phillystran for all or part of each guy, however past discussions on
the reflector would indicate that Phillystran has become very expensive
compared to using insulators and big grips. Also, for those of you who have
used a mix of Phillystran and galvanized guy wire, does the transition
point consist of an insulator with the appropriate big grip for the
Phillystran and the galvanized guy wire on each side? 

Thanks in advance for the responses.

73 de Bill

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