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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grants tomb
From: (Jack Goforth)
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 18:15:21 -0400
Good persons. . .I am aghast!. . .I was simply trying to improve my
understanding of buried radials in drain fields and the advantages of the
burial of half vs full base tower sections when my search engine finds
references to burial, Grants Tomb on the towertalk reflector.
I must say I was horrified to read postings containing statements of
questionable political, racial, gender sensitive and animal rights issues.

Barry (W2UP), it wouls appear, without the slightest concern for the feelings
of others, posted information concerning the burial location of US Grant,
(a Republican). There is no off setting "balance" in his myopic concern for
a dead repersentative of just one political party.

Ed (w4kma), then uses the archaic term "wife" in a reference to the above.
You should know sir, that the term "wife" is offensive to many women and is
no longer acceptable..."Signifant other" now being the preferable reference.

It then appalled me to see the posting of Roger (K2JAS), inflammatory racial
comments about General George Washington's "white" horse. Is it possible that
they gave this animal preferential treatment because of its color?
Roger's posting also raises concern about the treatment of animals and their
feelings. (Can we be sure that this horse wanted to be cremated upon its death?)

Bob (AA0CY), has posted perhaps the most disturbing remark on the subject by
his unseemly questioning of the integrity of the US Government, even to the
point of suggesting they, (the government) might, LIE.
(Bob is most likely a rich Eurocentric white male, member of some right wing
extremist group or enamored with the question of who hired Greg Livingstone.)

Gentle persons, I realize the sunspots are down and we all are a little on
edge. But we must not allow prop condx to promote a disregard for the feelings
of others. Many in our ranks did not have the advantages of an "outcome based
education" and lack the sensititivey and compassion provided by the modern
university. We must all just "get a grip" on the changes nessary to conform
to the priorities of our enlightened society.

Remember. it's not important if the tower stays up, or falls. . .It's only
important that you feel good about it, one way or another. Oh, a couple more
things,...don't pollute, and don't keep an enviro-cat...for the sake of all
the children.

73, JACK,   K4IBP

PS... This is a JOKE...NOT SERIOUS...HUMOR...HA HA... no flames please.

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