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Subject: [TowerTalk] CATV Success
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 18:05:34 -0500
Well everybody,
        I have a great success story to tell you all.I had excellant results on 
my 1st attempt at using my new "Free" CATV hardline.Let me outline the 
hows and whats of the project.The fittings I ended up fabricating were 1/2 inch
copper couplings soldered to a Amphenol barrel connector.The coupling slid 
right over the outside aluminum jacket of the hardline.I cut 2 slits into the 
coupling so I could clamp it tight to the cable.I fabricated the fitting as I 
was told and also is in an article in the Nov./Dec. 1991 issue of NCJ,written 
Ray Benny,N6VR.(callsign may have changed,I dont know for sure).
        As many of you know,I was pondering over whether to use transformers or 
not, to match impedences.That was going to be my 2nd choice had I not had such 
great success in tuning my feedlines.Dale,K5MM will be thrilled to hear that I 
am not using transformers!!.I used a MFJ 259 antenna analyzer,borrowed from a 
fellow contester and friend,N9CK(thanks Steve),to tune the feedlines.I was able 
to tune the feedline with a 50 ohm resistor at one end and the analyzer at the 
other end and just cut to length to the frequency that I wanted resonant.It 
worked excellant.I have my tower with the 40 mtr beam, 80 mtr inv L and 160 inv 
L hooked up and finished.I ended up with the main feedline to the tower to be 
171 feet.That took me to the top of the tower.This length was perfect for 
resonance at 7025 and the 80 mtr DX window of 3790-3800.The 40 mtr beam just 
needed a short 5 ft piece of flexible coax to complete the hookup from the 
remote antenna switch to the beam.The 80 mtr inv L has a matching network on 
the ground so I ran a 50 ft piece of 50 ohm coax to that antenna.My 160 mtr inv 
L was not resonant,so, I cut another 50 foot piece of the CATV hardline to go 
from the antenna switch to the matching network on the ground for that antenna 
and this brought it to resonance in the 1825 region.All of my antennas are 
showing flat swr where I prefer to operate and improved power output.I have not 
had a chance to hook up the other tower   with the tribander yet,but,I have 
tuned the coax and if it works as well as the 40 mtr tower I will be very 
satisfied with my project.I want to thank everyone for helping me with this 
venture.I have learned a great deal and I should be a bit louder in the pileups 
and contesting,mentally I feel 10 db louder,Hi Hi.I will let you all know how 
the other tower turns out.

                                Many thanks,Bob WT9Q

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