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[TowerTalk] CATV#2 success

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Subject: [TowerTalk] CATV#2 success
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 18:56:50 -0500
Well,I have more great news.I finished my second run of CATV hardline on my 
tower today that has my tribander,40 mtr sloper and 80mtr dipole on it.
All of my nightmares of figuring electrical lengths and velocity factors 
etc.,are now a thing of the past.All antennas on this tower are also resonant 
on all the operating frequencies that I desired.I got by using the CATV line 
witout any transformers or RG-11 pigtails.I am anxious to try these out to get 
real results,time will tell that all of my efforts were well worth it I'm 
sure.Thanks to one and all for helping me through this.I almost feel like an 
expert at the subject now HI HI.

                        Till next time 73,gud DX

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