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[TowerTalk] UPDATE: light standards as towers?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] UPDATE: light standards as towers?
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 16:33:01 -0700
At 3:11 PM -0700 7/21/97, Frank T. Brady wrote:
>>On Fri, 18 Jul 1997 I wrote:
>>> I wonder if anyone has located and contacted the mfrs of
>>> these round steel light standards that support large banks
>>> of lights in schools and parks?

>This sounds like a very aesthetically pleasing solution - and it can
>be engineered to hold very heavy loads (like the giant light banks
>for outdoor stadiums).
>Questions or comments?

I have no doubt the poles can hold the stress.  However, since just today I
poured 15 yards of concrete into a very large hole in my backyard, I am
very sensitive to the question of tower bases.  :)  How big would one have
to be to support one of those poles?

73, Dick

Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada

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