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Subject: [TowerTalk] Half Slopers
From: (Bill Fisher, W4AN)
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 20:45:34 -0400 (EDT)
Mike Fatchett asked about 160 antennas (quick and easy).  I was thinking the
same thing about 10 years ago when I was putting up my 85' tower.  At the
top of the tower was 10' of mast, a 402CD at the top, and a TH7 at the 85'
level.  N4RJ suggested a half sloper for both 80 and 160 meters.  Both
worked GREAT and were very easy to install.  The ground side was attached to
the tower and they were fed with either CATV hardline or coax.  

Since that time I have asked various people with loud signals on 160M who
were using half slopers and one element always repeated itself.  Every
person had a 40M yagi of one sort or another or a ton of top loading on
their tower.  This was also the case at K4VX/0.  Lew had a 130' tower with a
full sized 3 element yagi on top for 40M.  He had two half slopers off of
that tower and they worked very well.  

I have talked to others who have tried half slopers with no success at all.
The missing component... the 40M yagi!  Most said they couldn't even get it
to tune in the band.  


Bill, W4AN

Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P) 

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