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[TowerTalk] 40/80M Shortened Dipole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40/80M Shortened Dipole
From: ehayes@VNET.IBM.COM (ehayes@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 97 12:42:15 CDT
Recently, I purchased an Alpha Delta 40/80 shortened dipole.  The
40M portion is full size and the 80M portion consists of a loading
coil and about 5 feet of wire on each end (42 feet overall).
I have this hung in an inverted "v" fashion with the top at abt
45 feet.  The 40M portion works perfectly fine for my use but the
80M section has a very narrow (33 kHz) 2:1 bandwidth.  I have spoken
to the manufacturers and believe the narrow bandwidth is due to
the heigth, ground and surrounding objects.

In your opinion, would it be all right to attach two other pieces
of wire to the coil on each end.  I would then have three varying
length "tails" on the coils.  Each "tail" would be cut to resonate
in a portion of the band that I prefer to use.

I don't really want to use an outboard tuner if at all possible.
What do you think? Or, are there other ideas other than a full size
80M dipole?

73  Wayne  AJ5M

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