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[TowerTalk] CATV & Amp Tuneup

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Subject: [TowerTalk] CATV & Amp Tuneup
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:03:19 -0500
        I recently ran CATV hardline to my antennas.All worked out very well.I 
have increased power output barefoot and swr on all antennas and bands on the 
frequencies I operate most often at 1.2-1 at worst.I figured my settings on my 
Alpha 89 amp would need to be redone since the change in feedlines.My amp loads 
very well on all bands and antennas except my tribander.It loads on 15 and 10 
meters with full output plus,but 20 meters doesnt want to load well at all.I am 
lucky to get it to load 1000 watts.This is pushing the limits on the amplifier 
to get it to this much output.I am wondering why this may be happening and what 
I might be able to do in order for me to get legal limit out of the amp now on 
20 meters.Would retuning my antenna possibly help?Or do I need a jumper to 
change the feedline length a little,although swr is showing to be about the 
best it gets. Or???Any help would be appreciated.I know that 500 watts to alot 
of people is not a big deal,but to me it is,especially in a pileup or 
contest.The whole idea behind changing feedlines was to increase power output 
with less loss and improved received signals to boot.

                        Anxious to hear ideas,WT9Q-Bob

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