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[TowerTalk] Grammar, Scotch and Program Idiosyncrasies

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grammar, Scotch and Program Idiosyncrasies
From: (Kimo C. Chun)
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 18:06:18 -1000 (HST)
Hi Jim,

It seems I may be part of the problem on the segmented sentence. Opening up
the window size seems to fix it, though, I bet it could still be a problem
similar to my other remark about a WIDE paragraph if the sender's program is
not set up to wordwrap at say 75 or 80 characters. As one respondent recom-
mended to me, set the width to 75, works for him. My width and length weren't
set at all, I come to find out. I wonder if this only affects composition
versus display as you say.... guess I'd better get out the book (for Eudora
Pro) as no book came with this...and you wonder why it isn't set up right.
Guess you don't get what you didn't pay for.

One respondent has a Mac setup, too, and he said his does the same thing.
(Wide Paragraph problem). Maybe it's something peculiar to the Mac version
or as dyed-in-the-wool IBMers would say, "appliance operators!" :-)
Hey, I have several IBM computers, too. I can screw up on them just as easy!

Hey, if I am going to learn I may as well make a fool of myself.
Nuff said on a non-relevant topic. Sorry, Steve, and others.


Kimo Chun, KH7U

>        Perhaps I am one of those offending people that let the computer put
>in the linefeed.  I have never seen anyone run off of my screen because my
>Eudora lite 1.5.4 for IBM wordwraps.  I was not aware that there was an
>email program that does not wordwrap according to what has been set for it
>for line length.
>        Thanks
>        Jim Pruitt

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