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[TowerTalk] New Tower in Town

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Tower in Town
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 13:46:31 -0500
What a neat thing to see.  A tower crew is in Newton, KS this week putting
up a tower.  The tower is a rental tower being put up by a firm out of
Wichita Kansas...the crew is from Missouri, but they travel alot.

The tower is a Rohn 80!  It is big.  20 foot sections.  Four bolt flange.
Cross members and diagonals are all bolted with locking nuts (tin nuts) over
the  main nut.  Three guy points of set in close, the other out
more.  Dual guy system (I guess for tortional (sp?) considerations).  The
guys look like 1" cable.  Big thimble eyes.  Big pre-formed grips.  Big
clevises.  The tower is going to be 400 feet.  Single pivot point on a
concrete base.  Could not see a ground at the base.  Grounds were at the guy
points thought.  Ad some need connectors too...which I had never seen before.

The guys are running up and down the tower is a bosun chair rigged to a
trailer with a winch.  The trailer didn't look that big, but it had a big
Chevy truck attached to it.  The crew was using a couple of Bobcats with
tracks.  Also, had a all terrain vehicle they use to run to guy to guy.

They let me ask a lot of questions.  No one seemed to be in charge.  Then a
"kid" of 22 looked like the forman.  Most of the guys had only been working
a year or so for the campany.  Most had a chew of tobacco or snuff in their
mouth.  If I run out there this evening...I am taking along a raincoat!

Quite interesting to see in our little town of 17,000.  



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