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[TowerTalk] Grammar, Scotch and Program Idiosyncrasies

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grammar, Scotch and Program Idiosyncrasies
From: (Bill Cotter)
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 11:05:08 -0400
Jim/Kimo & other Eudora-users,

I get really frustrated when I e-mail someone and find that the e-mail
I sent them wrapped excessively. What I mean is that when every other
line is a word or two wrapped, the message looks like crap. Part of the
problem is that the display I am using is 1280x1024 and Eudora allows
119 characters on a line before it wraps. The wrap setting within
Eudora 3.0 controls what is displayed, not what is sent. I dug into the
problem and found the following fix:

        Exit Eudora and close

        Edit Eudora.ini with Notepad
                Add the following to [settings]:

        Save Eudora.ini and exit

Enter Eudora and send yourself a test message. The message will now
wrap properly.

73 es gl Bill N4ALG

At 06:06 PM 7/26/97 -1000, Kimo C. Chun wrote:
>Hi Jim,
>It seems I may be part of the problem on the segmented sentence.
Opening up
>the window size seems to fix it, though, I bet it could still be a
>similar to my other remark about a WIDE paragraph if the sender's
program is
>not set up to wordwrap at say 75 or 80 characters. As one respondent
>mended to me, set the width to 75, works for him. My width and length
>set at all, I come to find out. I wonder if this only affects composition
>versus display as you say.... guess I'd better get out the book (for
>Pro) as no book came with this...and you wonder why it isn't set up
>Guess you don't get what you didn't pay for.
>One respondent has a Mac setup, too, and he said his does the same thing.
>(Wide Paragraph problem). Maybe it's something peculiar to the Mac
>or as dyed-in-the-wool IBMers would say, "appliance operators!" :-)
>Hey, I have several IBM computers, too. I can screw up on them just as
>Hey, if I am going to learn I may as well make a fool of myself.
>Nuff said on a non-relevant topic. Sorry, Steve, and others.
>Kimo Chun, KH7U
>>        Perhaps I am one of those offending people that let the
computer put
>>in the linefeed.  I have never seen anyone run off of my screen
because my
>>Eudora lite 1.5.4 for IBM wordwraps.  I was not aware that there was an
>>email program that does not wordwrap according to what has been set
for it
>>for line length.
>>        Thanks
>>        Jim Pruitt
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