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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mounting Roof Tower
From: (Robert Turner, Jr)
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 97 16:21:20 UT

I currently have the Create 9' roof tower on my roof.  Been up for about 5 
years. Each leg has two lag screws that go through the roof sheathing which is 
1/2" tongue & groove, and through 2 by 6 which are nailed to the roof joists.  
The roof joists are old style rough cut 2 by 4 which actually measure 2 by 4 
inches.  There are 4 guys running out about 15' to the roof.  The guys are 
lagged to the roof sheathing.

On this are:  5el 6m beam, 10el vert 10el horiz 2m twist, 10el on 432, and a 
Diamond X-200 vertical on top.   It barely moves in heavy winds.

I'm planning a redesign which includes from bottom to top.  3el HF tribander, 
2m 17' boom, 222 17' boom, 432 17' boom & a 45el 1296 looper on top.

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Subject:        [TowerTalk] Mounting Roof Tower

Overkill or underkill?

I am getting close to the point of mounting a 9 foot aluminum roof 
tower with a C4 mounted about 3 feet above.  I am going to use 
threaded stock (3/8 inch) to go through the roof into a 2 by 8 going 
across the rafters.

My question.  Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using 
stainless steel threaded stock (and where can it be obtained) as 
opposed to using normal 'hardware' store grade threaded stock which 
will be painted with rust inhibitor paint?

Bruce, WA3AFS 

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