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[TowerTalk] Tower Support for Wire Antennas<-What?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Support for Wire Antennas<-What?
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 22:40:52 -0500 (CDT)
Answer:  Do what works best for you.  There are no mystical magic answers 
here in the internet.  Come on!  Hang a dipole on the tower with what you 
got at hand.  I usually used galvanized angle brakets you get an any 
hardware store that already has holes drilled in it.  Use u-bolts....use all 
thread....use something sticky....use bailing wire....use string....use 
something. They use this stuff to hang garage door openers.  Works slick.  
I've also used PVC, but in the cold it can break.  I've used wood, aluminum, 
steel, but I haven't used silly putty or Slick 50 yet.  I've had them from 
one foot out from the tower to 4 feet out.  Both worked FB.  There is really 
nothing special here.

Dissimilar metals....  well...I guess if you want to be 
Super-Technical...but remember, this is amateur radio.  Hang the dipoles and 
use them for awhile and if you don't like it...try something else.

Just try it! a pioneer and invent a new way of doing it.

Lee  "Specializing is full contact origami"
"I are not a engineer, just a shade tree mechanic"
"I also have my shorts in a bunch too."

>I want to use my soon to be Rohn 45G foldover for a center support for wire 
dipoles for 160, 80 & 40.
>1. How do you hang/attach the dipole's center balun (W2AU or the like) to 
the tower?  I was considering a 4 ft. piece of aluminum angle bracket 
U-bolded to two of the legs.
>2. With respect to Q1, is there any problem with clamping Aluminum to the 
galvanized tower due to the dissimilar metals?
>3. And assuming you're basically using this method, how far away from the 
tower (how long of an arm) would you hang the dipole center baluns?
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