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Subject: [TowerTalk] Editorial in Dallas Morning News
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 15:47:36 -0400 (EDT)
At 02:29 PM 7/29/97 PDT, "Brent Childers" <> wrote:
>Hello All, 
>A friend of mine pointed this editorial from today's Dallas Morning 
>News.  It's interesting to hear something from someone else's point of 
>view about towers.  I don't know if I should consider it a complement or 
>slam to be equated to a spotted owl.
EXERPTS form the letter
>We know Rep. Sam Johnson is really busy trying to balance the budget, 
>reduce the deficit and check on campaign spending, but we have this 
>little neighborhood problem with ham radio operators ham operator is all that is mentioned.

>Awhile back this ham operator moves into the neighborhood and before 
>long this huge, ugly antenna sprouts up in his yard.
>To the complete surprise of everyone, except the lawyers who know 
>everything about everything, come to find out ham radio operators are 
>protected by the Federal Communications Commission, much like the 
>spotted owl. Neither are they responsible for any interference to TV, radio
or cellular phones.

I never heard of any owls being licensed by the FCC.  You guys who work for
the Electrobnic Industry Association have sure put us in a bad spot over
interference to "improper devices"!!!!!

>We were further told >ham operators are our friends. Hey, I don't know
about you, Sam, but >anyone who builds a public eyesore in his yard and
messes with my TV >reception is no friend of mine.

Unfortunately this is why so many DXers and Contesters head for the woods
and the hills.  The surge of CC&R's are locking us out of new subdivisions,
>Whatever happened to the democratic principle of self-rule? If all this 
>is true, then it is high time for the federal government to butt out and 
>let local neighborhoods solve their own problems. Hope Sam will agree 
>that property owners, too, should have some rights.
I have heard that one before....ask Gerald W5BA about this too.  Seems these
type of people want justice for themselves, but none for the ham.  Their
solution (as seen in CC&R's) is no amateur radio at all!  (Their rights not
our rights).

I hope many hams in the Dallas/Plano area answer Mr. Zimmerman.

Dave K4JRB

BTW: As we found in Gwinnett County, GA...the cellular tower folks are a big
ally in getting our towers up.  When its a decison between a 190' cell tower
and a 60' ham Rohn 25 we are looked at more favorabily! 

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