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[TowerTalk] Single beam vs Stack ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Single beam vs Stack ?
From: (Danny MEES)
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 00:14:22 +0100
    Hello all..

One of my friends is in a process of re-installing his antennas..
He recently moved to a new location and put up a new 60ft tower...
The tower is capable to hold a TH6 he sez..
Last week he grabbed my Force12 catalog and decided to go for
a 6 band, single tower, set-up..
A few ideas came to his mind ;
.            a) a single C4XL
.            b) a stack of C4's
.            c) a stack of a C4XL and a C3 or C4..
Would like to hear your comments,ideas or experiences..
He does not have e-mail access so pse go thru me..

73 de ON7NQ Danny

PS will summeries upon request..

  e-mail : ON7NQ@GLO.BE
  dx-cluster : ON4DXA
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  snail mail : Danny Mees
                   86, Van De Reydtlaan
                   B-2960   BRECHT
                   B E L G I U M


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