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[TowerTalk] Tram Questions and Observations

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tram Questions and Observations
From: (Paul Pescitelli)
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 10:33:07 -0400
Would someone be so kind as to draw this up and write some directions on
how to use it ?  I could scan it and make it into a PDF file for viewing on
the web.

I saw this one time at an antenna raising party but did not know enough at
the time to "pay close attention" to what was taking place.

73 - Paul

At 08:55 AM 9/2/97 -0500, Lee Buller wrote:
>This weekend, K0TQ and AB0S spent a whole lot of time (6 hours) on K0WA's
>tower replacing the top section, mast, rotor, etc.  They put up heavier
>stuff in preparation for a larger antenna.  I want to thank them publicly.  
>Although the larger antenna was not ready to ascent to new heights we did
>put up a TA-33 until the other antenna (TH-6DXX) is rebuild and ready.
>To raise and lower the antenna, we used the tram system described on the
>reflector earlier this year.  My observations are as follows....
>===>Do not use nylon rope.  It streaches way to much.  Should be a help rope
>like a climing robe that will not streach.
>===>The sling has to be made just right or problems will occure.
>===>A "tiller" needs to be installed to keep the antenna parallel to the
>tram line....but...what is the best way to do that?
>===>The tram line rope needs to be tied at least 2 to e times higher than
>the sling height above the boom.
>Here are some of my questions.....
>Do you use a come-along to tension the tram line?
>Do you use 1/8" aircraft cable for the tram line so there is no flex?
>How do people make the sling on the boom?  We used norman hemp, tied in the
>middle and balanced.  Do people you cable that is semi-perminantly installed?
>How long is the tiller and does it lead or follow the boom?  Does it have
>its own pully...or do you use a carabiner?  How tight is the tiller attached
>to the tram rope/ other you use a rope to attach the
>tiller to the tram line or do you use something rigid?
>Comments from the experts are needed.  The TH6 is waiting and the bands are
>getting pretty good.
>Thanks people....
>Lee Buller
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