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[TowerTalk] Splicing together 7/8" Heliax

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Splicing together 7/8" Heliax
From: (Scott Bullock)
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 21:48:41 -0400 (EDT)
Hi Fred, yep it's for low bands-runs out to Amertron rcsv-8 coax switch
mounted on a tree, which switches a 75 mtr dipole, 40 mtr delta loop, 40 mtr
inv vee, and an R5 vertical.  
The splice is a Cablewave splice for 1/2" heliax, it's in between a piece or
Andrews heliax and a piece of Cablewave heliax. Works great on all bands, no
increase of swr anywhere versus old coax direct runs on all antennas.
The VE1ZZ method sounds ok, though I think I would only use it in a pinch,
but for quick,cheap and dirty, should work ok.
Hope you had a good vacation. See you at the next YCCC meeting.

And yes, being just 1' short on a tower job can ruin your whole day! I
always order at least 10% extra length from distributor for each job, it
might cost more, but you don't end up having to rip it all out and start
from scratch again. :(   Having a little extra makes it easier to run around
sidearms, and it's always worked into the price anyways, so it's paid for too.

>       You neglect to tell us about the splice, and the frequencies of
>use.  Let's assume that it is a connectorized splice.  You'll never see
>it (electronically), or care about it, at frequencioes below 30 MHz.  At
>frequencies under 7 MHz, you could use  a VE1ZZ splice and still not
>notice it.  VE1ZZ brings the two pieces of hardline vertical and ties the
>shields together with a stainless steel hose clamp.  The two center
>conductors are soldered with a small copper jumper.  The coax is
>weather-protected by putting them in an inverted two liter soda bottle. 
>Trust me, VE1ZZ is loud, and he can hear.
>       Do it.  Enjoy it.  Good luck. -- Fred K1VR
>P.S. Yes, commercial installations do wind up with 35-50 foot pieces
>extra all the time.  $100 of wastage on every job is far preferable to a
>shortage once a year. 
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