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[TowerTalk] FS - E-Z Way Crankup and Tiltover Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FS - E-Z Way Crankup and Tiltover Tower
From: (Steve Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 11:17:28 -0500
A friend of mine acquired an E-Z Way Crankup and Tiltover Tower and has
decided to not to use it - going with 70' of guyed Rohn 25. He has it
stored at my place and he is not a member of this reflector so I offered
(at my wife's insistance) to advertise it here.

The tower is is in good condition - has been painted once. My friend is
the third owner so it has been installed twice. I am rather intrigued by
it, but I have enough projects now (at least that is what my wife says)
so I am posting it here.

As noted below, the pivot point is 6 feet up, so the down and tilted
positon has the tower horizontal and the antenna boom vertical, with the
reflector a couple of feet off the ground. Great for antenna tuning!

Great for small tribander or VHF antennas. Tilted over behind the house,
it is a great stealth installation.

He is asking $700 with delivery in Iowa or neighboring states being

Please contact the owner:

Al Culbert K0AL
319,377-4367 Evenings

The following is his description from the original paperwork.

Follow are essential specs of the E-Z Way tower

Manufacturer: E-Z Way of Tampa, Florida

Model:          RBX-60-3-G (G indicates galvanized)

Pivot point :   72 inches above ground

Collapsed height:  24' - 6"

Tilted height: 8' plus half boom length

Extended height:  60'

3 section unit: specifics of each section as follows;

top section: 8.5" side width, 3.8# / foot, legs 0.84" OD w/ 0.109" wall, 
diagonal braces 0.25" solid rod, horizontal bracing 0.375" solid rod

middle section: 10.0" side width, 5.1# / foot, legs 1.05" OD w/ 0.113"
wall, diagonal braces 0.3125" sold rod, horiz. bracing 0.50" solid rod 
base section: 14" side width, 7.0#/ foot, legs 1.32" OD w/ 0.133" wall,
diagonal braces 0.365" solid rod, horiz. bracing 0.50 solid rod

"Wonder Rod" ground post was 8' of 5.6" OD steel pipe (no wall spec.

There are locks which take the strain off the hoisting cable when at
their respective extended (locked) heights. Thus unit can be "locked" at
20 foot increments.

Head has plate drilled to accept HAM-M series rotator.

FWIW: The spec. sheet lists wind load with a 4 el. tribander to be 60
mph at full 60 feet and 75 mph at 50 feet; or 50 mph with a 6 el.
tribander at 60 feet or 60 mph at 50 feet. All unguyed.



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