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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: antenna questions
From: (Bob Bergman)
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 18:10:07 -0600
Thanks for all the responses from all at towertalk

The general concensus is that the project is dead due to the interaction
of two yagis without enough spacing. 

I would especially like to thank Tom N6BT - Force 12 West and Natan
W6XR/2 - Force 12 East for their multiple and rapid responses to my
original post.  As I originally posted, I own a C4XL/d now and it works
great! Like most Hams, I wanted more! These guys and their support are
only one of the reasons I wanted to have another Force 12.

Along with many other responces (and thanks again), Nathan's pretty well
sums up my problem.  I can't vision any feasible way to get 27' to 35'
of spacing needed from a 50' tower.  I guess I'll just have to wait
another 35 years for another great tower deal to come along.

This is Natan's last post to me:

Natan Huffman wrote:

> Is it possible to get enough separation between the top C4XL and using a
> side arm mount, go with a C3 so you would then have a stack of two C3
> antennas?  The minimum stacking distance should be about 35'.  If you do
> this, and feed both antennas through a Dunestar box, the performance of the
> stack will actually be much better than the single 5 el.  I have been using
> a stack of C3s , one at 85 and the other at 45 with very good results.
> In summary, I would not try to mount the 5 el 20 on the same tower as the
> C4XL..  Either go to a stack or start over with another approach.   Perhaps
> using a 4BA along with a large 20/40 on the same boom.
> Sorry I could not be of more help.
> 73,
> Natan W6XR/2
> >

COULD NOT BE OF MORE HELP???????  Your help is worth the +$2000 I would
have spent on my hair-brained idea that would not have worked! 

 K0FR - Bob

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