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[TowerTalk] Source of Galv. paint

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source of Galv. paint
From: (MarchandJohn)
Date: 4 Sep 1997 13:26:41 -0400
Hello again,

Boy, did I mess up my last message --but good--.

I had a lot of good info, but blew the contact numbers....
Thanks to Dick K9APW for bringing that to my attention.

Here goes the rest of the story.

West/E&B Marine has about 100 stores around the country.

The toll free order number is:  1-800-538-0775 (24 hrs/7days)
The fax order number is:          408-728-4360 (24 hrs/7days)
Technical Support number:       1-800-538-0775 (M-F 5am to 5pm pacific)
Customer Service line: for returns, delivery or repair info:
                    call either of the above numbers M-F 5am to 5pm pacific
                                                     Sat 6am to 3pm pacific

Sorry for the mess-up

John K1RC

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