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[TowerTalk] Source of Galv. products?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source of Galv. products?
From: (Pete Soper)
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 16:10:31 -0400
Hello Mary-Frances,

You wrote:
>   Following on with what John said...  A few months ago I went to
>purchase cold galv from Home Depot.  The ONLY brand they have is
>Rustoleum.  Anyone have any opinions on that brand?

                   I've used 6-8 of the  16oz cans of Rust-oleum brand of spray
cold galvanize. It appears to me to be excellent. The spray action is very 
uniform and of high quality. Of the three brands I've used it's my favorite.
The CRC spray is the same to a touch worse with respect to spray quality but
more expensive here (RDU area of NC) while the Illinois Bronze brand of cold
galvanize gets my "unacceptable" label because of the quality of the spray
fitting on the can. Once out of the can, except for the blobs and streaks 
caused by the crummy version, it all looks the same. We should check back on
this thread in a year or two :-)
        By the way, quarts of cold galvanize weigh about 6.5 pounds, so a
spray can with 16oz of net contents corresponds to five fluid ounces of the
non-spray type.


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