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[TowerTalk] tower lifting alternatives

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower lifting alternatives
From: (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 08:39:00 -0400 (EDT)
Cheapest and likely as good as any other way to get tower out of delivery
truck is to hire (with advance notice and discussion with owner of truck)
a tow truck (like the ones that tow autos).  Get a tow truck that has a
hydro. boom, and a somewhat longer boom and a driver who enjoys doing
something different from just doing autos.  Boom into the delivery truck
(towers are usually on the bottom and thus delivered nearly last) to the
mid point of the tower bundle.  Attach strap (or worse, chain) around the
WHOLE tower (not thru legs/cross braces) and using boom, lift it out of
truck (or have delivery truck drive away while wrecker holds the tower).
Then, use tow truck wrecker to move the tower to your base attachment
point.  If u can not get the tow truck into the space at your tower base,
consider using an automobile motor crane--fairly cheap and maybe
rentable-- which is on wheels and can lift heavy objects, check its upper
lifting limit #.  This is the thing used to lift motors out from under th
hood of automobiles.  
Tow truck is best, and mine charged only the cost of a tow ($30.) plus a
generous tip.  Gud luck.  K4VUD

P.S.:  U can also use the tow truck and its boom to winch up a heavy tower
if it can hinge at the base.  Same trip if you plan correctly!

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