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[TowerTalk] 30M sloper antenna off my 50ft 25G tower?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 30M sloper antenna off my 50ft 25G tower?
From: (David E. Shelton)
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 14:25:11 EDT
Hello fellow tower monkeys,

I am wanting to add a 30M sloper type of antenna off my 50ft tower. I
don't currently have a 30M antenna and after trying to add 30M via an
add-on coil to my butternut vertical yielded very sad results and
destroyed the vertical's performance on both 40M and 80M. I have decided
to construct a sloper type of antenna for 30M, with the sloper running
off the tower at about 48ft down into my backyard to the south. I am
assuming that a 1/4 wavelength on 30M, approx. 23.25ft, is the best
design with the coax braid grounded to the tower at the feedpoint. This
is my first attempt at a wire antenna off my tower. Currently run a C-4
beam and my vertical for omni coverage on 40 and 80M. 
Would love to hear any advice and suggestions.

73 dit dit,

David E. Shelton, RN

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