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[TowerTalk] 204BA NEW Beta vs OLD Beta match

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 204BA NEW Beta vs OLD Beta match
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Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 18:15:14 -0400 (EDT)
I am sending this message to both the Towertalk newsgroup reflector and Telex
Hygain, ....

Is there any reason for concern in my updating the Beta match on a older
204BA to the newer version?

Telex HyGain musta done it for a is now more complex than
before, not simpler.

...the older "box shaped" design with the two L-shaped rods is simpler and
more straight forward, making me like  it more from its ability to entertain
fewer failures point of view....

...the newer version has the Beta rods coming away at 45 degrees to the
driven element as opposed to 90....before they get to the boom they take
another 45 degree bend and run parallel to the boom....then into a grouunding

Towertalk readers, if you have researched this revision, and know the
motivation please share it with the does not appear to have
influenced element lengths then vs now so I guess it isn't a matching
thang.....but, if it means I couple more watts into the driven element with
the new version, and might be louder - heah, I wanna know!!! I am rebulding
the antenna now, and it is a perfect time to do this....

tnx, which beta is betta?

Jim, K4OJ

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