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[TowerTalk] Big Grip Installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Big Grip Installation
From: (Rick Wells)
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 20:49:18 -0400
OK, got all the right stuff, Big Grips for 1/4 inch EHS, the 1/4 inch EHS 
cable, 3/8 inch thimbels, etc.
So now, how do I put them on?


1. There are two yellow paint marks on each, 2.5 inches apart, about 5.5 inches 
from the top loop.  What do these mean?

2.  One leg of each grip is a bit longer than the other.  Reason?  Which leg do 
you wrap on first or doesn't it matter?

3.  Looks like the inside of the grip is coated with something abrasive, 
hopefully to stick well.  Can grips be removed and reinstalled or does this 
coating get damaged in the process?

4. Anything else I need to know?  (be kind...)

TNX & 73,
Rick, W2RW

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