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Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 21:18:18 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-09-07 20:58:05 EDT, (Rick Wells)

> OK, got all the right stuff, Big Grips for 1/4 inch EHS, the 1/4 inch EHS 
> cable, 3/8 inch thimbels, etc.
>  So now, how do I put them on?
>  Specifically:
>  1. There are two yellow paint marks on each, 2.5 inches apart, about 5.5 
> inches from the top loop.  What do these mean?

     These are crossover marks (the paint color also identifies the size).
The first crossover mark (the one closest to the loop) is used when
installing the grip on a wire in a normal termination. The second crossover
mark is used when installing grips through johnny ball guy insulators. Using
the first crossover mark for insulators puts too sharp of a strain angle on
the grips.
>  2.  One leg of each grip is a bit longer than the other.  Reason?  Which
> do you wrap on first or doesn't it matter?
     Start both legs until you have the wire or insulator captured. Finish
the short one first. Then the long one will finish the wrap nicely.

>  3.  Looks like the inside of the grip is coated with something abrasive, 
> hopefully to stick well.  Can grips be removed and reinstalled or does this

> coating get damaged in the process?

     There is grit held on by adhesive. The grit provides 40% of the holding
power. Obviously installing and removing a grip causes loss of some of the
grit. You can apply a grip 3 times before the grit loss is significant. In
other words, you can apply, remove, apply, remove and apply it with no
>  4. Anything else I need to know?  (be kind...)
      The seemingly simple looking items are actually pretty precision
devices. They are designed for specific applications and cable. Use only the
exact grip for your application and cable. There are specific ones for EHS
(BG-2142  for 3/16" EHS and BG-2144 for 1/4" EHS).

      They are meant to be installed by hand only. Sometimes a screwdriver is
handy to get the last bit on but that's it.
     They are much easier and faster to install than cable clamps.
Congratulations on your decision to use them.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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