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[TowerTalk] Building Code Units of Measure

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Building Code Units of Measure
From: (Steve Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 20:45:11 -0500
Location - Cedar Rapids and Linn County Iowa (eastern Iowa)
Both city and county have separate tower ordinances. Both ordinances
reference EIA-222 latest Rev. (currently Rev. F) With 80 mph basic wind
speed as one condition, and 75% of that wind pressure applied to a
stucture with 1/2" radial ice applied per the standard. (This usually
works out to be over 200% of the first condition.) 

The county design and siting ordinace is posted at our local ham groups
web page:

Permitted usage and allowable tower heights are scattered through out
the basic zoning ordinance.

de n0yvy steve

Fred Hopengarten wrote:
> Can you tell me what your local building code requires of towers and
> antennas?  For example, here in Massachusetts, the bldg code requires the
> ability to withstand 30 p.s.f (lbs. per square foot) of pressure, and
> does NOT specify any additional requirement for radial ice.
> Does your local building code specify windload at 30 p.s.f.?  (If you are
> not in the USA, is it in Kg. per square meter?) Does it use windspeeds
> (miles per hour? kilometers per hour?)  What are the specifications, and
> units of measure for your local building code?
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