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Date: 10 Sep 1997 11:33:42 Z
However, it doesnt always happen.  I have lived in a house with
aluminum siding for 15 years, and it has no effect whatsoever on my
radio operations as far as I know.  This includes intensive contesting
in both SSB and digital modes.  

Jim    W4LC

>>> 09/10/97 12:06am >>>
I lived in a house many years ago with aluminum siding and
encountered the
following problem (as closely as I can analyze it:  junctions of siding
strips to another created what as best I can tell amounted to diode
junctions that produced an array of signals (mine) at many
above and below the operating frequency--all the way from
broadcast AM
band to TV.  I am certain that the siding strips were not electrically
bonded.  Whether metal siding has improved since those days, I
cannot say,
because I have never let myself live in or next to an aluminum sided
house.  I have resided a house in quality vinyl and must say that I like
the properties of that siding--both as a siding and for amateur radio

These are the experiences of one person, and hence should not be
generalized too far.



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