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[TowerTalk] Direct-burial coax choice?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Direct-burial coax choice?
From: (Floyd Soo, W8RO)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 09:34:55 -0700
Jeffrey Maass wrote:
> I have a 250-foot run to my 160M inverted-L. I am currently using RG-213
> laying on top of the ground, but I'd like to make the installation more
> permanent by burying the feedline.
> What is my best choice for direct-burial 50-ohm coaxial feedlines? What about
> half-inch jacketed hardlines?
> 73,
> Jeff Maass       (      Amateur Radio K8ND


I too have runs of 200-300 feet for my feedlines.  Your best choices are
indeed hardlines.  Many of them are designed for direct burial.  50 ohm
stuff like Andrews Heliax and Cablewave line are perfect, as long as you
use the proper connectors and they are properly installed.  Don't
discount the many hundreds of feet of 75 ohm CATV hardline that are
scrapped every day.  With the proper questions asked of the right
people,  you will find that 200-300 foot lengths of this stuff is
scrapped regularly, because it is not worth splicing these short lengths
together when you are stringing miles of cable each day!  I have just
been given a over 200 feet of brand new CATV hardline WITH THE PROPER
CONNECTORS, just by asking around!  This stuff is 3/4" and better,
depending on what they are using!  Like in your case, it will be direct
buried to replace RG8.  I have also been given many hundreds of feet of
Heliax and the like, by asking friends in the commercial radio
business.  Many times they work on service contracts they have with
businesses, those contracts specify that feedlines are to be changed out
every so-many years.  Much of the changed out stuff has nothing wrong
with it!  It's like what they do with tubes, that's why there are a lot
of "pulls" available!  Same thing goes for hardline!  You just have to
ask around!  It's a much better choice than any RG8, 213, 9913, etc!

Good luck and 73! 
Floyd Soo, W8RO
President, HI-RES Communications, Inc.
Net Manager and Board Member, Collins Collectors Association
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