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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 13:07:37 -0400 (EDT)
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<< The subject of large rotors (forget about fitting into tower sections for
 moment) might be solved if there were a source of worm drive gears.  An
 electric motor turns around 1750 rpm, so there is a rough ballpark for the
 reduction necessary (~2000:1).  With a worm drive, there is no need for
 braking.  However, that is the end of the idea, so far.  I have no clue as
 to how to obtain such a drive. >>

The old Telrex rotors used this type of systen with a selsyn indicator. They
came in several different sizes, the smallest using a 1/2 hp 110v motor, and
thew larger ones using a 1 hp 110v motor. They used a 12 conductor cable with
5-18ga, 4-14 ga, and 3-12 ga wires in a bunble. They had two gear boxes
attached together and turned at about 1 RPM. The smaller ones would accept a
2" mast and the larger one would accept a 3" mast.  They mount on top of a
tower and the mast goes through the rotor and down inside the tower. They
appear to be fairly heavy duty. I've installed and taked then down and they
are heavy, about 115 lbs.
I have one here for sale including about 100 ft of cable for $800.00
I can fax you a drawing if interested.
Skip, KJ6Y
Communications Service Co.

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