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[TowerTalk] T2X meter plate needed.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] T2X meter plate needed.
From: mwalker@geronimo.Legato.COM (Mike Walker)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:41:31 -0400
At 10:14 PM 9/11/97 -0500, Steve Narducci wrote:
>After cleaning the reverse side of my hygain meter scale plate that has
>north as the
>center with window cleaner, I found out that I wiped out the lettering.
>Anyone got one of these plates out of a non-working rotor control box they
>would not
>mind parting with.  Must have north as center and be readable as mine is not.
>Thanks so much and 73's.....Steve....NW9G


Give Hy-Gain a call and ask for Linda.  She might even send you a new one
for free.  

They aren't very expensive (if you have to buy it) and you'll have a new
one in a couple of days.

I order from them all the time.


p.s.  If you don't have the phone number, let me know
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