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Subject: [TowerTalk] Nylock Nuts
From: (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 97 22:35:12 -0400
On 9/12/97 2:49 PM, Donnie Murray (KE4RNA) at ke4rna@Traveller.COM wrote:

>If the nut is flat on both sides it won't matter. Most Nylock nuts 
>that I have used are flat on one side and round on the side 
>containing the locking material in which case the flat side will go 
>on the bolt first. Also, the rounded type are quite hard to start 

I've never seen one flat on both sides, but I'd still recommend 
installing it with the nylon part AWAY from the union.

The reason is simple. If you look at the stresses on a bolt/nut joint, 
nearly all the holding power is in the first thread or two at the union.

Nylon doesn't have nearly the holding strength that steel does.

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