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[TowerTalk] Radial connections and insulation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Radial connections and insulation
From: (James W. Fisher, Jr.)
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:39:24 -0400
I'm putting up a number of verticals in free-standing and 4-square formats.
 My future radial fields will include some elevated systems where practical
and not too obtrusive plus some on-the-surface systems. For some,  I may
use the ON4UN-described combined approach of two elevated radials plus an
extensive ground radial system (the latter connected to the shack end of a
coax choke feeding the antenna).

Question 1: what commercial or homebrew approaches are appropriate for
connecting a growing number (as I get time) of radials at the center of the
field?  I seem to recall an aluminum wheel with 32 bolts at the perimeter
but don't know if or where such a thing is available now.

Question 2: what's the latest thought on whether on-the-surface systems
should be bare or insulated?

If respondents wish to reply directly to me I'll summarize for the
reflector.  Website or article references also welcome.

TNX es 73,  Jim Fisher, VE1JF/W8JF

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