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[TowerTalk] Cracked tower leg

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cracked tower leg
From: (Steve Narducci)
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 23:21:56 -0500
I have 90' of rohn 25g guyed at 30, 60, and 85'.  At the 50' level, I
noticed a small
horizontal crack right where the top of the 5th section's leg swedges down
to go into
the 6th section.  The crack is apx 1/4 " long and is right in the seam of
the swedge 
going horizontally.  There is just slight rust around it also.  Should I be
about this and is there anything I can do short of taking the tower down or
a welding crew with a bucket truck?  I have thought about homebrewing a
splint to go
over both sets of bolts in the 5th and 6th section.  Any of you tower buffs
had this
one crop up?

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