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Subject: [TowerTalk] Questions->cable cutters
From: (Martin Gary)
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:27:36 -0400
A Dremel tool with a cutting blade works great!
Martin - N3HRT wrote:
> Good morning.
> Steve (K7LXC) commented on cable cutters and parenthetically mentioned "not
> EHS" in regards to what one can cut with them. If you are looking at cable
> cutters, they will often be labeled something like "Not For Steel". This is
> common on the type that can be used in one hand and are intended for cutting
> copper. If you attempt to use these on EHS, even 1/8", you will not be
> successful in cutting, but will be successful in dulling/mashing the blades!
> Your hardware store will like you.
> A cable cutter for EHS is fairly expensive. They have two handles and are
> usually painted red with black blades. They run about $100 (maybe more) for
> something that can cut up to 3/16" EHS. Larger ones cost more, of course.
> Another way to cut EHS is not so sophisticated. One can tape the location to
> be cut with duct tape (or black tape). Then, wearing goggles and gloves, use
> a small disk grinder to cut through the tape and cable. A 4" grinder works
> fine. If you can hold the cable in a vice, or pair of vices, it will be much
> safer.
> There is also a hammer driven cutter, but I haven't seen one for a while.
> In any event, be careful.
> Have a good day and 73,
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