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[TowerTalk] Driving ground rods

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Driving ground rods
From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 97 17:25:00 -0600
Hi Barry
You can get a fence pole driver from Home Depot for about $20. I bought   
one of these but found starting a hole and then poring in about a quart   
of water and the go right in by hand. Just work the rod up and down then   
drive it in the rest of the way with a sledge. This technique works   
really well but depends on the type of soil you have.

73 Steve W8GAZ

From:  Barry Kutner
Sent:  Monday, September 15, 1997 9:25 PM
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Subject:  [TowerTalk] Driving ground rods

Hi Towertalkians:
I recall dscussion several months ago about driving ground rods.
Somone mentioned using an electric jackhammer. I've called a few
rental places, and what I've come up with is this:
1. A 32 lb. electric jackhammer. It requires a special square bit,
and you can't just shove a ground rod in it.
2. A 66 lb "ground rod driver" made for that purpose.

#1 apparently won't hold a round bit.
#2 seems a bit unwieldy to carry 66 lbs up a 6 ft ladder

Other ideas invited...
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