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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:20:21 -0400 (EDT)
guess that makes you a cracker, Charlie?

I use a coaxseal like product on top of an initial tape layer too, it works
well to make the transitions on connectors mild slopes insted of steep right
angle inclinesm the initial wrap of tape is a bond breaker so you don't
destroy the fittings

....after wrapping, my name is OJ and I work em all day, oooops....that's
rapping......the initial intersection with a single wrapping of black tape,
form the goop, Coaxseal or equivilant into a "rod" by rolling it in your
palms, then use this piece to fill the transition from max OD of your
connection to min OD in a nice gentle slope, you know, a taper....then
overwrap it with black tape.......then, I:

like to use the Scotchkote, it turns that wrap of tape into a single entity -
chemically bonding it all very nicely, don't inhale thoguh - won't
have a run away tail on your wrap as time marches on thanks to the
Skotchcote...but due to Scotchkotes achiles heel use a layer of tape on the
top of it once its set up to shield it from the killer rayz............while
Charlie used to be a Texan, and saw what UV did in his new
abode FL the UV exposure is actually even higher - supposedly the worst place
on the earth for UV exposure is FL, peaking directly over Key Largo.

...Bogart did it!  Call a tree hugger.


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