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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Questions
From: (Bill Jackson)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 01:25:13 +0100
Many thanks to those who responded to my note concerning Phillystran guy
wire.  Here's my summary of the responses I received:

1.  Cutting Phillystran is no big deal, anything sharp will do the trick.
(One of the good reasons to use EHS on the bottom portion of the guy

2.  No special treatment is required at the junction of the EHS and
Phillystran, other than the properly sized heavy duty thimbles, although
shackles could be used.  This is per contacts directly with the
manufacturer both on the phone and at their display at Dayton.

3.  Although the preferred method of tensioning the guy wires would be to
use three come-alongs, one on each guy, to initially tension the guys, this
is not really necessary.  It appears there is enough take up in the
turnbuckles to compensate for any differences in the initial tensioning and
still keep the tower plumb, using a single come-along on each guy one at a

73 de Bill

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