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[TowerTalk] Pipe to enclose buried coax

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pipe to enclose buried coax
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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:35:06 -0500
HA>I use perferated field tile (plastic pipe about 4 inches in dia., comes in
HA>roll usually) or similar rigid 10 ft sections of 4" dia. plastic pipe that
HA>has holes only on one side --the side u put DOWN.
HA>Make the pipe big in dia relative to the # of coax lines, gives lots of
HA>drainage, but seal ends to keep animules out!!!
HA>73, K4VUD

Great idea for areas with NO vehicular traffic and very cost effective
 about 26$ per 100 foot roll.

Some drawbacks:

it is hard to "lay it in" flat and straight, rigid PVC or thin walled
drain pipe is easier
The straighter the pull the easier.....

the internal ridges can make pulling a cable through more difficult,
where a smooth walled tube pulls easier, best to pull a cable from the
middle of the end instead of the side where most knots are tied....

Stan, WA1ECF   Cape Cod, MA   FN41sr


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