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[TowerTalk] Hand chain saw

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hand chain saw
From: (Paul Pescitelli)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 08:40:46 -0400
Believe it or not guys, the local Sears store at the mall has them here in GA.

try the not so obvious stores first!


At 05:15 AM 9/18/97 -0400, Scott Bullock wrote:
>For the benefit of all, i'll cc this to the reflector.
>I looked for 3 weeks for this thing, I knew they existed, but NO-ONE had
>them, finally went to a commercial landscapers supply house
>(tractors/tools) and they had one. $57.00   The place I found it at was
>Richey and Clapper located in Sudbury, Mass. on Boston Post Rd. I don't
>have their number handy, but they are in the 508 area code, so one could
>call information. If you can't find it locally, then give them a call, they
>may be able to ship it to you. It's made by a company called "high limb"
>At 04:11 AM 9/18/97 EDT, you wrote:
>>Scott, where did you find the "chain" saw and what did it cost?
>>I've been looking for one.
>>73 de Larry K7SV
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