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[TowerTalk] WX7M 280' long 20M Yagi

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Subject: [TowerTalk] WX7M 280' long 20M Yagi
From: (Nemecek, Joseph F.)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 08:13:32 -0500
I too was impressed with the picture of WX7M's antenna and wanted to
know more on how he put it up and how it performs. I sent an E-mail to
CQ requesting they do an article on it. I never got a reply so I don't
know if they're considering it. I think it would make an interesting
article for a lot of us that can only dream of such an antenna as part
of our station and the super performance that it might provide. 
Joe, K0JN 

>From:  Bill Fisher - W4AN[]
>Sent:  Thursday, September 18, 1997 7:23 AM
>Subject:       [TowerTalk] WX7M 280' long 20M Yagi
>I have been looking at the cover of the September 1997 CQ now for a 
>month.  I am very impressed with the amount of work WX7M has put in to 
>this 280' long yagi for 20M.  I would love to hear it first hand some 
>I cant help but wonder why he chose a REALLY long boom design rather than 
>doing something with multiple yagis stacked or side by side yagis?  Is 
>this 280' long antenna going to be the strongest thing to Europe from his
>If you were WX7M and wanted THE LOUDEST signal in one direction, what 
>would you put up?  What would beat this 280' long yagi?
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