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[TowerTalk] Inverted L for 80 (in a hurry)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Inverted L for 80 (in a hurry)
From: (Tom Osborne)
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 19:00:12 +0900
Carlos Augusto S. Pereira wrote:
> Hi there..
> Does anyone have an 80 meter project of an inverted L with the vertical
> part ranging from 32 to 38 ft? A T antenna would be good also.
> I intend to complete my 5BDXCC but there are still 22 countries to work
> on 80 meters. I am desperate (HI) because I will move to an apartment
> soon and I will live here just for two months. In advance I know that
> big antennas will not be allowed in the building.
> I do not want to wait many years for these 22 DXCC countries.
> I hope someone can help me out! I tried EZNEC but could not find any
> model with low SWR (maybe for bad knowledge of the sotware).
> ON4UN's book has a project of a T antenna but according to EZNEC the SWR
> will be pretty high.
> 73,
> Carlos - PY1CAS

Hi Carlos.  Try August 1997 CQ magazine.  They have a good article in 
there about a short vertical for 160.  You could probably scale it down 
for 80 meters very easily. I am using a inverted L for 160 and it works 
very well.  73 and GL

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