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[TowerTalk] 10M stack

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 10M stack
From: (Bud)
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 16:46:06 -0500
I have been reading with interest the discussion of the kc1xx stack.  Since
i am about to finish a modest 10m stack im interested in how others think
it will perform.

present 10m antenna is 6/6/6/6/ with selection of upper pair,  lower pair
all four.  bottom pair are fixed ( south america right now)  and the top
fully rotate. Heights are 30/60/90/120.

okay that is the old stuff now for the summer project:

i purchased 4 old LTA  10m antennas- 2 seven element and 2 5 element-
I have rebuilt them into 4 six element on 36ft boom per ARRL antenna book
dimensions.  gama match was adjusted to give near unity at 28.4.  the
will be stacked 6/6/6 ( im not using the 4th antenna) and sidemounted on a
rohn 25.  selected heights will be 27/54/81.  with the 10m band in its
shape its hard to think the effort has been worthwhile but it has been fun.

i plan on fixing them at abt 60 degrees for the october contest.
anyone have an opinion of how this thing will play?

tks-- bud K4ISV

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