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[TowerTalk] KA1CLX SSV tower update

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KA1CLX SSV tower update
From: (Scott Bullock)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 05:31:52 -0400
Hi Robert and all, this won't be a problem-the company that is doing it is
one of my two way customers-they have over 100 trucks. They better give me
good service for the amount of times i've bent over for them! :) Then
again, this is their chance to get me back for all those high repair bills :)

Don't think that that kind of seperation between trucks would be a problem
anyways, unless you had a crew waiting, as long as the base has vertical
reinforcing bars, then the concrete should just cure together. If it was
more than 1/2 a day, then I might start to get concerned. I would rather
see the hole thing get poured in one shot.

I'm getting two different truck loads of mix, the first for the bottom of
the hole will have 4-6" slump, so that it will fill any voids in the walls
of the hole, the second will have a 3" slump so that it will sit inside the
top 6" forms properly without trying to ooze out the other side. This is
what their civil engineer recommended, so i'll go with what he says.

Still looking for concrete fund donations.

At 11:32 PM 9/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Scott will soon be involved in a concrete pour that will
>involve more than one truck.   Recently - last Friday - I
>was also involved in such a pour  (sadly not in my backyard).
>The second concrete truck did not arrive for about 2.5 hours
>Is this a concern?    Concrete experts?
>Yes 1/2" rebar was used & lots.  This was a 62" bored hole
>down 7.5+ feet  & no we never hit water (future monopole site)
>(about 14' above sealevel at this towersite)
>Scott you may want to discuss that with the conrete supplier.
>73 Robert  W5AJ   
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