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[TowerTalk] T2X and 25G

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Subject: [TowerTalk] T2X and 25G
From: (Gary R. Hosler)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:26:31 -0500
I for one would like to see your design or hear your thoughts.  I just
installed a lower thrust bearing (TB-3) on an AS25G.  It took a bit of
cutting with a sabre saw (with a metal cutting blade) and then a spray coat
of cold galvanize for weather protection.  As modified it will install
almost anywhere within a section of 25G.  It's not pretty but it works. The
cutting certainly reduces the load capability, however I'm using it to
handle lateral thrust (the upper thrust bearing carries the load).  A more
elegant soultion would be welcome.

de Gary  W0AW on 09/24/97 01:34:06 AM

cc: (bcc: Gary R. Hosler/MIPP/Imation)
Subject:  Re: [TowerTalk] T2X and 25G

>TowerTalkians --
>     Will a T2X fit and turn inside 25G? I'm familiar with the problem of
>getting it in and out as well as the problem with the AS25G rotator plate.
>just can't remember if it'll turn inside it or not. Thanks!
>73,  Steve  K7LXC
Hi Steve,
Yes, it will, but it has to go where there are no diagonals since it is a
little larger than a Ham IV.
As you have pointed out before, A Ham-M, II, III, IV will fit virtually
anywhere in 25G if you twist and turn it just right, however, I have never
heard anyone describe a rotator plate to mount it on once you get it in
there.  Do such things exist?  The AS25G standard Rohn plate will not work
anywhere there are diagonals in the 25G section.  I have two preliminary
designs for plates that would work for this and would consider
some if I thought there was a market.  Comments, anyone?

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