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Subject: [TowerTalk] RFI Story
From: (Bryan)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 13:18:58 -0500
        One of the product lines that we sell are various 
items to eliminate RFI problems.  These always lead to a 
few good this phone call earlier today.

        Lady calls from New England wanting to know if we
have a RFI product that will keep her from being "formatted"
by a local radio station.  It seems that the all of the local 
radio stations in her area have been purchased by one single 
multi-national company and since this purchase they have been 
using both their fixed position dish and their roving "pirate"
satellite dish to "formatt" her.  

        It seems that the local station is using this new technology
to watch her every movement, monitor everything going on in her house,
and even listen in on her telephone calls.  "THEY" had even intercepted
her US Mail and UPS shipments to install listening devices in products 
coming into her house.  She had hired a "technical expert" who had found 
various "listening transmitters" all over her house. She was sure that
the copper wire in the nearby power lines were used as some type of coil
that would further empower the radio station.  She had even installed a 
metal roof on her house to try and block this invasion of her home but it
had not helped.

        She had hired a private investigator to check this out, but when 
she mailed a "box of evidence" to his office, a family member of one of 
the station employees who works for the post office must have stolen it 
because it was never delivered to th PIs office.

        The major problem had arisen when the lady was driving her vehicle
to Boston to meet with another investigator.  She was just driving down 
the road and without cause her vehicle rolled four times.  Upon investigation 
she found a cigarette butt containing an electronic device in the grill 
below her windshield wiper that had been remotely triggered to cause her 
vehicle to turn over. 

        When asked about the "formatting", the lady explained that the 
radio station would watch her and listen to her every movement and 
action.  They would then go to their vast library of CD music and 
play a song whose "formatt" would match whatever she was doing or 
saying at that time.  

        Boy, this is a real problem this lady is having....we don't have a 
single product to handle this kind of problem.  Any suggestions on what
she needs to do, buy, or try???   By the way, she never would give us her
name because "THEY" were listening to her phone conversation

        Maybe this is related to the solar flare that happened yesterday. 

Bryan W5KFT

Hey guys,,,,this is for real!!   And you thought you had problems getting 
into a neighbors telephone..

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