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[TowerTalk] trees as guy anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] trees as guy anchors
From: (Chuck Dietz)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 06:42:01 -0500
T. A. Russell wrote:

>   Two 70 ft poplars fell on top of the top guy for my 130 ft
> Rohn 35 tower.
> THE GUYS HELD THE TREES UP!   I used guy grips throughout,

> 73,  Tom  N4KG

Wow!  Great story, Tom...  I had a tree fall across a guy and it took
the guywire to the ground and pulled the tower over at an angle.  I had
7 foot posts at the ends of the guys and they were back guyed to 6 inch
x 5 foot screw anchors.  All held tight.  The posts were shoved into the
ground some...  I was able to reuse everything, but had to reinstall the

Chuck, KZ5MM (ex KE5FI)

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