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[TowerTalk] TIC Ring intermittents

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TIC Ring intermittents
From: (John Bednar)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 97 10:03:50 EDT

Two of my friends have TIC rotors. No intermittents that were
explained earlier however, both have had a failure due to 
lightening or static. Usually the zener and the comparator IC in 
the control box get damaged. Please note that when replacing this 
comparator, the board artwork depends that the comparator IC VCC pins
are internally connected! Unfortunately, not all IC vendors
make this connection internally. So you may have to put
a jumper on the board (or on the two IC VCC pins). ECG IC's
do not connect these pins internally.

Is anyone having trouble with the large ring gear slipping
off the top of the motor box gear? I can't understand why
there is a gap between the red bearing bar and the motor gear.
If all tower rings were planer within an 1/4" there wouldn't
be a problem. Unfortunately, this isn't the case because one of
my friends owns such a problem-child.

John, K3CT

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