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From: (Press W Jones)
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 08:46:01 EDT
It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but, having seen the coming of
commercial aviation, the great depression, the birth of TV, jet planes,
space travel, a few wars and the age of computers, I suppose the world
wide web should be no big surprise, but it sure boggles my mind. 
After nearly 22 years in the amateur radio hobby and related business,
word of mouth advertising has grown to include the web, and for us to
ignore it is a mistake.
After a year of fumbling with this medium, The Wireman, Inc., in the
personage of N8UG, would like to introduce the
 domain. This replaces previous faulty attempts that garnered laughs,
scorn, pity, and "why bother!" 
TOWERTALK has impressed me more than anything I've seen in this crazy
machine. Its participants do everything they can to quickly respond in
depth to questions from simple to complex, with patience and sincere
intent to help.
So saying, if any of you who work the web has a few minutes to spare, I'd
sure appreciate a critique - any honest, constructive comment on what
we've had done so far. So far, we've spotted some mis-spellings, etc.,
but what I'd like to know, basically, is whether it does its job as a
source of information, supply, and service. 
I will pass all comments on to the outfit doing the job, and we will
include all that is possible in the final current domain and in future
My sincere thanks to all who choose to jump in -- 
::Press Jones, N8UG
::The Wireman, Inc.
::Landrum, SC 29356
::use or (864) 895-4195 for tech help
::orders only use 800-727-WIRE(9473) or

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